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  1. See No Evil is the riveting true story of a Jewish kid from the Bronx who became a mafia insider and physician to top NY Mafia dons such as John Gotti, Carlo Gambino, Paul Castellano and Joe Bonanno. As a result, the doctor led a double life: a well respected surgeon and socialite by day, and "Il Dottore," a gambler and sex addict, by night. Welcomed into an exciting and glamorous underworld which included discos, drugs, highstake gambling and beautiful women, he somehow managed to pursue his true profession seriously and in time became one of the nation's leading cardiac surgeons. Eventually, he had to make a choice between loyalty to the mob and killing a government witness on the operating table, or remaining true to his Hippocratic Oath, all under the watchful eye of New York's top federal prosecutor, Rudolph Giuliani. This extraordinary true story has been made into a major Fox TV series The Mob Doctor, which replaced the smash hit series House.
  2. Adventures_in_Larryland!__Life_in_Profes_-_Larry_Zbyszko.epub Are_We_There_Yet_Tales_from_the_Never-Ending_Travels_of_WWE_Superstars_-_Caprio,_Robert.epub Benoit_Wrestling_with_the_Horror_That_Destroyed_a_Family_and_Crippled_a_Sport-_Johnson,_Steven.epub Booker_T__From_Prison_to_Promise__Life_B_-_Huffman,_Booker_T.epub Boots_to_Asses_An_Unauthorized_Look_at_How_'The_Rock'_Brought_Team_Bring_It_(and_The_WWE_Back_To_Life)_-_Essany,_Michael.epub Brock_Lesnar_The_Unauthorized_Story_Behind_Brock_Bringing_The_Pain_Back_to_the_WWE-_Essany,_Michael.epub Brody_The_Triumph_and_Tragedy_of_Wrestling's_Rebel-_Matysik,_Larry.epub Broken_Harts__The_Life_and_Death_of_Owen_-_Martha_Hart.epub Cheating_Death_Stealing_Life_-_Eddie_Guerrero.epub CHOKEHOLD_Pro_Wrestling's_Real_Mayhem_Outside_the_Ring_-_Weldon_T._Johnson,_Jim_Wilson.epub Chris___Nancy_The_True_Story_of_the_Benoit_Murder-Suicide_and_Pro_Wrestling's_Cocktail_of_Death_-_Muchnick,_Irvin.epub Cross_Rhodes__Goldust,_Out_of_the_Darkne_-_Rhodes,_Dustin.epub Death_Clutch_-_Brock_Lesnar.pdf Dewey_Robertson,_Meredith_Renwick_-_Bang_Your_Head,_The_Real_Story_of_The_Missing_Link_(2006).pdf Diary_of_a_Heartbreak_Kid__Shawn_Michael_-_Tello,_Craig.epub Drawing_Heat_the_Hard_Way_How_Wrestling_Really_Works-_Larry_Matysik.epub Gary_Michael_Cappetta_-_Bodyslams,_Memoirs_of_a_Wrestling_Pitchman_(2006).pdf Gone_Too_Soon_Deaths_That_Changed_Wrestling_-_Hamilton,_Ian.epub Hardcore_History__The_Extremely_Unauthor_-_Williams,_Scott_E_.epub Hart_Strings_-_Hart,_Julie.epub Have_A_Nice_Day-_Mick_Foley.epub Heartbreak___Triumph__The_Shawn_Michaels_-_Michaels,_Shawn.epub Inside_The_Montreal_Screwjob_Who_Really_Got_Screwed_in_the_WWE_-_Taylor,_Charles.epub It's_Good_to_Be_the_King_.Sometimes_-_Lawler,_Jerry.epub I_Only_Laugh_When_It_Hurts_-_Street,_Adrian.epub Jimmy_Hart_-_The_Mouth_of_the_South,_The_Jimmy_Hart_S.epub JUSTICE_DENIED_The_Untold_Story_of_Nancy_Argentino's_Death_in_Jimmy_Superfly_Snuka's_Motel_Room_-_Muchnick,_Irvin.epub KB's_Complete_1998_Monday_Night_Raw_Reviews_-_Hall,_Thomas.epub KB's_Complete_2001_Monday_Night_Raw_Reviews-_Hall,_Thomas.epub KB's_Complete_Monday_Nitro_Reviews_Volum_-_Hall,_Thomas.epub KB's_History_of_Starrcade_-_Hall,_Thomas.epub Leaping_Lanny__Wrestling_With_Rhyme_-_Poffo,_Lanny.epub Legends_of_Memphis_Wrestling_-_Crawford,_Steve.epub Mad_Dogs,_Midgets_and_Screw_Jobs_The_Untold_Story_of_How_Montreal_Shaped_the_World_of_Wrestling-_Laprade,_Pat.epub Main_Event__WWE_in_the_Raging_80s_-_Shields,_Brian.epub Memphis_Wrestling_History_Presents_1982_-_James,_Mark.epub Mick_Foley_-_Countdown_to_Lockdown,_A_Hardcore_Journa.pdf My_Favorite_Match_WWE_Superstars_Tell_the_Stories_of_Their_Most_Memorable_Matches-_Robinson,_Jon.epub My_Pink_Gas_Mask_-_Street,_Adrian.epub National_Wrestling_Alliance___the_Untold_-_Tim_Hornbaker.epub Night_of_Champions_(WWE)_-_West,_Tracey.epub Pain_and_Passion_-_Heath_McCoy.epub Physical_Chess_My_Life_in_Catch-as-Catch-Can_Wrestling-_Robinson,_Billy.epub Pin_Me,_Pay_Me!_-_Smedley,_Bobby_Blaze.epub Playing_The_Game__How_Triple_H_Became_the_Heir_Apparent_to_the_WWE_Empire_-_Essany,_Michael.epub Pro_Wrestling_Hall_of_Fame___the_Heels_-_Greg_Oliver__Steven_Johnson.epub Race_to_the_Rumble_#1_(WWE)_-_West,_Tracey.epub Ric_Flair__To_Be_the_Man_(WWE)_-_Flair,_Ric.epub Ringside_Seat__John_Cena_(WWE)_-_West,_Tracey.epub Rumble_Road_Untold_Stories_from_Outside_the_Ring_(WWE)-_Robinson,_Jon.epub Sadist_in_Sequins_-_Street,_Adrian.epub Scott's_Blog_of_Doom_Presents_The_Worst_of_Wrestling!_-_Keith,_Scott.epub Scott's_Blog_of_Doom_Presents__Monday_Night_RAW_Season_One_Keith,_Scott.epub Scott's_Blog_of_Doom_Presents__The_Coliseum_Video_Rants!_Keith,_Scott.epub Scott's_Blog_of_Doom_Presents__The_Complete_Saturday_Night's_Main_Event_Keith,_Scott.epub Scott's_Blog_of_Doom_Presents__The_Complete_UFC_Rants_Keith,_Scott.epub Scott's_Blog_of_Doom_Presents__The_Complete_Wrestlemania_Rants!_Keith,_Scott.epub Scott's_Blog_of_Doom_Presents__The_Complete_WWE_2003_Keith,_Scott.epub Scott's_Blog_of_Doom_Presents__The_SmarK_-_Keith,_Scott.epub Sex,_Lies,_and_Headlocks__The_Real_Story_-_Assael,_Shaun.epub Shawn_Michaels_One_More_Match_The_WWE_Show_Stopper..._Hasn't_Stopped_Yet__-_Essany,_Michael.epub Shooters_The_Toughest_Men_in_Professional_Wrestling_-_Snowden,_Jonathan.epub Showdowns_The_20_Greatest_Wrestling_Rivalries_of_the_Last_Tw_(WWE)-_Roberts,_Jeremy.epub Slamthology_Collected_Wrestling_Writings_1991-2004-_Lister,_John.epub So_Many_Ways_To_Hurt_You_-_Street,_Adrian.epub Stevie_Richards_Shoot_Interview_(RF_Book_-_Davies,_Chris.epub Storm_Warning_(Tales_from_StormWrestling_-_Storm,_Lance.epub Straight_from_the_Hart_-_Bruce_Hart.epub Superfly__The_Jimmy_Snuka_Story_-_Snuka,_Jimmy.epub Superstar_Series__The_Ultimate_Warrior_-_Dixon,_James.epub Ted_DiBiase_(WWE)_-_DiBiase,_Ted.epub The_Hardcore_Diaries_-_Foley,_Mick.epub The_Hardcore_Truth_-_Bob_Holly.pdf The_History_Of_Professional_Wrestling_Vol._1_WWF_1963-1989_-_Cawthon,_Graham.epub The_King_of_New_Orleans__How_the_Junkyar_-_Klein,_Greg.epub The_Legends_of_Wrestling_Classy_Freddie_Blassie_Listen,_You_Pencil_Neck_Geeks_(WWE)_-_Blassie,_Classy_Freddie.epub The_Lost_Art_Of_Tag_Team_Wrestling_-_Roberg,_Todd.epub The_Professional_Wrestler_in_the_World_o_-_Murphy,_Matt.epub The_Pro_Wrestling_Hall_of_Fame_Heroes___Icons_(Pro_Wrestling_Hall_of_Fame_series)-_Johnson,_Steven.epub The_Pro_Wrestling_Hall_of_Fame_Heroes___Icons_(Pro_Wrestling_Hall_of_Fame_series)_-_Coleman,_Bill.epub The_Raw_Files__1995_-_Dixon,_James.epub The_Raw_Files__1996_-_Dixon,_James.epub The_Rock_vs._John_Cena_The_Unauthorized_Real_Story_Behind_The_WWE_Rivalry_-_Essany,_Michael.epub The_Stone_Cold_Truth_(WWE)_-_Austin,_Steve.epub The_Story_of_the_Development_of_-_Jerry_W._Jarrett.epub The_Unauthorized_History_of_DX_(WWE)_-_Feigenbaum,_Aaron.epub The_Unauthorized_Story_of_Randy_Orton_and_The_Viper's_Strike_on_WWE_-_Essany,_Michael.epub The_Undertaker_-_A_Quiz_Book_about_the_Dead_Man_-_White,_Paul.epub The_Undertaker__The_Unauthorized_Real_Life_Story_of_the_WWE's_Deadman_-_Essany,_Michael.epub The_WrestleCrap_Book_of_Lists!_-_R._D._Reynolds_Blade_Braxton.epub The_WWE_Championship_A_Look_Back_at_the_Rich_History_of_the_WWE_Championship_-_Sullivan,_Kevin.epub Turning_The_Tables__The_Story_of_Extreme_Championship_Wrestling_-_Lister,_John.epub UnconVINCEd__The_Unauthorized_Story_of_Why_Sting_Still_Won't_Work_for_Vince_McMahon_and_the_WWE-_Essany,_Michael.epub Unscripted_(WWE)_-_Leiker,_Ken.epub Vince_McMahon_The_Unauthorized_Biography_of_the_WWE_Chairman_-_Essany,_Michael.epub When_Wrestling_Was_Rasslin'_-_Birkholz,_Wrestling_Promoter_Peter.epub Why_The_WWE_Universe_Loves_AND_Hates_John_Cena_(an_unauthorized_biography_Essany,_Michael.epub World_Wrestling_Insanity_Presents_Shoot__-_James_Guttman.epub World_Wrestling_Insanity_The_Decline_and_-_James_Guttman.epub World_Wrestling_Quiz_Book_-_Volume_3_(WWE_SERIES)_-_White,_Paul.epub World_Wrestling_Quiz_Book_Vol_1-_White,_Marc.epub Wrestling_the_Hulk_My_Life_Against_the_Ropes-_Hogan,_Linda.epub Wrestling_with_the_Past__Life_In_and_Out_of_the_Ring-_Vachon,_Dee.epub WWE_Legends_-_Solomon,_Brian.epub WWE_Legends_-_Superstar_Billy_Graham_Tangled_Ropes_(World_wrestling_entertainment)_-_Graham,_Billy.epub
  3. The thrilling story of the young Australian Army engineers of 3 Field Troop who were the first allied soldiers to risk their lives in the darkness of the Vietcong tunnels of South Vietnam. Staring death squarely in the face every day, these young Australian Army engineers not only followed their enemy down into these unknown underground labyrinths, but matched the Vietcong's jungle warfare skills and defused thousands of their clever booby traps. Off duty, it was a different story. The bad boys of 3 Field Troop were a boozing, brawling, bonking bunch of larrikins, who cut a swathe through the bars and brothels of Saigon, fought American Military Police to a standstill, built a secret casino, and booby-trapped their own HQ to teach their officers a lesson. Thrilling, inspiring, and action packed, this is the true story of the unsung heroes of Australia's war in Vietnam. Living up to their motto of "We Make and We Break," they created the legend of the Tunnel Rats. mobi
  4. FOOTBALL'S BIGGEST CHARACTERS TELL IT LIKE IT IS The Secret Footballer is back. And this time his mates speak out too. Players, agents, coaches and managers give you access all areas. From deal-making to play-making, from dodgy tactics to drunken antics, they reveal the unforgettable highs and the unforgivable lows. This is football as you've never seen it before.
  5. Nate Jackson’s Slow Getting Up is an unvarnished and uncensored memoir of everyday life in the most popular sports league in America—and the most damaging to its players—the National Football League. After playing college ball at a tiny Division III school, Jackson, a receiver, signed as a free agent with the San Francisco 49ers, before moving to the Denver Broncos. For six seasons in the NFL as a Bronco, he alternated between the practice squad and the active roster, eventually winning a starting spot—a short, tenuous career emblematic of the average pro player. Drawing from his own experience, Jackson tells the little known story of the hundreds of everyday, "expendable" players whose lives are far different from their superstar colleagues. From scouting combines to training camps, off-season parties to game-day routines, debilitating physical injuries—including degenerative brain conditions—to poor pensions and financial distress, he offers a funny, and shocking look at life in the NFL, and the young men who risk their health and even their lives to play the game.
  6. 8th April 2009 was just an ordinary day for 53 -year-old Richard Phillips, captain of the United States-registered cargo vessel, the Maersk Alabama, as it headed towards the port of Mombasa. Ordinary that is until, two hundred or so miles off the east coast of Africa, armed Somali pirates attacked and boarded the freighter. It was the first time an American cargo ship had been hijacked in over 200 years.
  7. It took just four years in the spotlight for Jimi Hendrix to become an international cultural icon. The sheer impact and originality of his music and his unique mastery of the guitar placed him forever amongst musical giants. But what of the man behind the public image? Modest and intensely private by nature, Jimi was shrouded in intrigue from the moment he first came into the public eye, and the mystery has only grown with time. Much has been written about him by experts, fans, and critics, some of it true and some of it not. He did, however, leave his own account of himself, locked away like a Chinese puzzle in his many interviews, lyrics, writings, poems, diaries, and even stage raps. Starting at Zero brings all these elements together in narrative form. The result is an intimate, funny, and poetic memoir—one that tells, for the first time, Jimi’s own story as only he could tell it.
  8. Step into the booth. Check your judgments at the curtain. Close your eyes. Listen: you can hear the voices of the visitors who sat here before you: some of the most twisted, drug-addled, deviant, lonely, lost, brilliant characters ever to be caught on film. What do you have to offer the booth?
  9. Rob Delaney is a father a husband a comedian a writer. He is the author of an endless stream of beautiful insane jokes on Twitter. He is sober. He is sometimes brave. He speaks French. He has bungee-jumped off the Manhattan Bridge. He enjoys antagonizing political figures powerful retailers and the Kardashians. He listens to metal while he works out. He broke into an abandoned mental hospital with his mother. He played Sir Lancelot in Camelot. He has battled depression. He is funny as s***. He cleans up well. He and Margaret Atwood have a thing going on Twitter. He is lucky to be alive.
  10. The bestselling book that launched meth back into the nation's consciousness. Based on Reding's four years of reporting in the agricultural town of Oelwein, Iowa, and tracing the connections to the global forces that set the stage for the meth epidemic, Methland offers a vital perspective on a contemporary tragedy. It is a portrait of a community under siege, of the lives that meth has devastated, and of the heroes who continue to fight the war.
  11. In the last throes of the 1960s, Jim Osterberg, a charming, hyperintelligent, ambitious boy from a trailer park near Ann Arbor, Michigan, teamed up with two miscreant brothers to form the band the Stooges, single-handedly presaging the entire punk, new wave, metal, and alternative rock movements. His alter ego, Iggy Pop, perhaps the greatest rock front man and sex icon ever, was exalted with unbridled enthusiasm on the one hand yet reviled as an abject failure, a joke, and a loser on the other. A true survivor, Iggy Pop is today a respected elder statesman of rock, known as the Godfather of Punk, but his road was famously brutal. Trynka reminds us that this legendary shamanic performer, epitomized as the ultimate rock 'n' roll god, is a human being who struggled with the distinction between Jim, the sensitive poet, and Iggy, the outlandish child-man who must outdo himself at every turn. This fitting biography from a former editor of Mojo magazine finally tells the full story of Iggy's life, rescuing coherence from a tale of thrills, contradictions, debauchery, betrayal, and (ultimately) redemption.
  12. Sharon Osbourne's life has always been an extreme rollercoaster ride. And despite her best efforts, the last few years have been the most dramatic and turbulent of all. In her gripping new autobiography Sharon reveals the truth behind the headlines. There have been times of huge joy and pleasure - becoming a grandmother for the first time and seeing both Jack and Kelly come through testing times to find happiness and contentment at last. But there has also been a lot of heartache. Sharon describes the shocking and unexpected battle to save her thirty-year marriage to Ozzy - and the devastating betrayal that lay behind their separation. She also lived through every mother's worst nightmare when Jack was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis - and writes movingly of her hopes and fears for her beloved son. A tough but fair judge on the X Factor, Sharon is just as hard on herself. She is honest about the mistakes she has made - from misguided plastic surgery to her battles with her weight and body image. Filled with laughter, tears and hard-won wisdom, Unbreakable is as funny, frank and fearless as Sharon herself. EPUB
  13. Interviews with 50 of the world's greatest guitarists spanning the past 25 years and collected into one information-packed volume. Based on articles originally published in Guitar Player magazine, Secrets from the Masters features the most influential guitarists of our time - from legends such as Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins and B.B. King to Joe Satriani, Eddie Van Halen and Eric Clapton, and all genres in-between. This book celebrates the guitarists who have forever altered the way we play and think about the guitar. Within these interviews you will find poetry and prophesy, the outrageous and the sublime, plus rare photos, challenging music, groovy gear, groundbreaking techniques and other glimpses into greatness. EPUB
  14. Leander Kahney, author of Inside Steve's Brain, gives us an intimate look at how the legendary designer made Apple iconic in his new book, Jony Ive. "Different and new is relatively easy. Doing something that's genuinely better is very hard." Jony Ive In 1997, Steve Jobs returned to Apple with the unenviable task of turning around the company he had founded. One night Jobs discovered a scruffy British designer toiling away in a studio at Apple, surrounded by hundreds of sketches and prototypes. Jobs instantly realized he had found a talent who could reverse the company's long decline. That young designer was Jony Ive. Ive's collaboration with Jobs would produce some of the world's most iconic products, including the iMac, iPod, iPad and iPhone. These designs have overturned entire industries and created the world's most powerful brand. Along the way, Ive has become the world's leading technology innovator, won countless awards, earned a place on the 2013 Time 100 list, and has been knighted for his services to design and enterprise. Yet little is known about the shy, softly-spoken designer that Jobs referred to as his 'spiritual partner' at Apple. This book offers a detailed portrait of a creative genius, based on interviews with Ive's former colleagues and extensive research. From his early interest in industrial design through his education at Newcastle Polytechnic and meteoric rise at Apple, we discover the principles and practices that led Ive to become the designer of his generation.
  15. Kid Carolina: R. J. Reynolds Jr., a Tobacco Fortune, and the Mysterious Death of a Southern Icon by Heidi Schnakenberg Requirements: ePUB , MOBI Reader 8 MB Overview: The Reynolds tobacco family was an American dynasty like the Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, and Astors. R.J. "Dick" Reynolds Jr. was born into privilege and decadence, but his disastrous personal life eventually destroyed almost every relationship he cherished and stole his health at a relatively young age. Dick Reynolds was dubbed "Kid Carolina" when as a teenager, he ran away from home and stowed away as part of the crew on a freighter. For the rest of his life he'd turn to the sea, instead of his friends and family, for comfort. Dick disappeared for months at a time, leading the dual life of a business mogul and troubled soul, both of which became legendary. Despite his personal demons, Dick played a pivotal role in shaping twentieth-century America through his business savvy and politics. He developed Delta and Eastern Airlines, single handedly secured FDR's third term election, and served as mayor of Winston-Salem, where his tobacco fortune was built. Yet below the gilded surface lay a turbulent life of alcoholism, infidelity, and loneliness. His chaotic existence culminated in a surprise fourth marriage and was shortly followed by a strange death, the end of a life every bit as awe-inspiring as it was disturbing. Genre: Non Fiction , Biography Download Instructions:
  16. The Mouth of the South: The Jimmy Hart Story by Jimmy Hart Requirements: PDF reader, 11MB Overview: When Andy Kaufman slapped Jerry "The King" Lawler and swore at him on Late Night with David Letterman, the two men and the legendary manager Jimmy Hart were the only people privy to the planned (and unplanned) elements of the row, as revealed in this autobiography of "The Mouth of the South." Beginning with stories from his days onboard Dick Clark's Caravan of Stars as a singer with the Gentrys, Jimmy Hart offers straight talk about stardom and his entrance into the wrestling arena as a manager. An insider's perspective on pro wrestling's most outrageous personalities and matches fills this celebration of the business and spectacle of such organizations as the World Wrestling Federation, World Championship Wrestling, Wrestle Xpress, and the Xtreme Wrestling Federation. Wrestling fans will relish these rarely told stories of insider upsets, personal victories, and unbelievable moments in the history of pro wrestling. Forewords by Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart and Jerry Lawler. Genre: Nonfiction, Biography/Memoir Download Instructions: This Link is DEAD Please report me /7xh4fmvxm4op
  17. Underneath the Southern Cross is the highly-anticipated new autobiography from Michael Hussey, one of the most loved stars of Australian cricket.At the end of Michael Husseys tenth summer in first-class cricket at age 30 he was finally in Australias Test team. And almost everything in his first six matches had gone his way: Australia had won two series, and Hussey had already scored three hundreds. For so long his dream had been to play for Australia, but once there, he realised it was only the beginning and that there would be many more milestones to achieve.Michael Hussey is one of the most popular Australian cricketers to have worn the baggy green. Underneath the Southern Cross details his journey from his childhood to the highs and lows of an extraordinary international cricket career playing alongside many of Australias star players. This is the personal account of a man whose hard work was rewarded with accolades at the highest level of international cricket. It will resonate with cricket lovers world-wide.Michael Hussey made his Test debut against the West Indies in November 2005. In the following 78 Tests he achieved a batting average of 51.52, placing him in the top 6 Australian Test batsmen of all time. And in one-day internationals, his average for Australia is the second highest.But Michael Husseys huge popularity does not rest solely on his playing record. It is also the way he plays the game, with an integrity and sense of values, that endears him to his many fans.
  18. Rising from an inner city background, abandoned by his pro cyclist father as a toddler, Bradley Wiggins became a prodigious talent. World Junior Champion, World Champion and Olympic Champion were all titles that came his way at a startlingly young age, but what he really wanted was success on the road. 'Wiggo's' reinvention on the path to becoming Britain's first Tour de France winner in over a hundred years of racing is one of sport's most uplifting and inspiring stories. In this captivating and insightful narrative, Wiggins' old friend and colleague John Deering sets this remarkable story against the backdrop of Wiggins' crushing Tour victory, his races along the thousands of kilometres of French tarmac, telling the tale of his brutal procession from Liege to Paris in counterpoint to his fascinating life. From a Kilburn council estate to the Champs Elysees via the Olympics, Paul Weller and the world's most glorious sideburns, the legend of Bradley Wiggins is unravelled like never before.
  19. kwacka

    Let Me Tell You About Alex

    Let Me Tell You About Alex: Crazy Days and Nights on the Road with the Hurricane There is a tribute book to be written about the nicest man in snooker - but this isn't it. Whatever else he was, Alexander Gordon Higgins wasn't nice. Unpredictable, wild, demonic and obsessive for certain. The People's Champion. An unstoppable force who single-handedly transformed snooker from a niche sport into a gripping phenomenon. When snooker was at its most popular in the 1980s, Higgins was at the peak of his powers. It was no coincidence. John Virgo knew Higgins as well as anyone. He made no apologies for his friend and was frequently driven to dispair by his antics. The gambling, the drug-using, the sheer, uninhibited madness of the man. But there was always a buzz around Alex, there was always something happening.
  20. Tony Blair is a politician who defines our times. His emergence as Labour Party leader in 1994 marked a seismic shift in British politics. Within a few short years, he had transformed his party and rallied the country behind him, becoming prime minister in 1997 with the biggest victory in Labour’s history, and bringing to an end eighteen years of Conservative government. He took Labour to a historic three terms in office as Britain’s dominant political figure of the last two decades. A Journey is Tony Blair’s firsthand account of his years in office and beyond. Here he describes for the first time his role in shaping our recent history, from the aftermath of Princess Diana’s death to the war on terror. He reveals the leadership decisions that were necessary to reinvent his party, the relationships with colleagues including Gordon Brown, the grueling negotiations for peace in Northern Ireland, the implementation of the biggest reforms to public services in Britain since 1945, and his relationships with leaders on the world stage—Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton, Vladimir Putin, George W. Bush. He analyzes the belief in ethical intervention that led to his decisions to go to war in Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, and, most controversially of all, in Iraq. A Journey is a book about the nature and uses of political power. In frank, unflinching, often wry detail, Tony Blair charts the ups and downs of his career to provide insight into the man as well as the politician and statesman. He explores the challenges of leadership, and the ramifications of standing up, clearly and forcefully, for what one believes in. He also looks ahead, to emerging power relationships and economies, addressing the vital issues and complexities of our global world. Few British prime ministers have shaped the nation’s course as profoundly as Tony Blair, and his achievements and his legacy will be debated for years to come. Here, uniquely, we have his own journey, in his own words.
  21. England's Mistress by Kate Williams ( The Infamous Life of Emma Hamilton) Requirements: EPUB Reader, 2 MB Overview: She was the most famous woman in England–the beautiful model for society painters Joshua Reynolds and George Romney, an icon of fashion, the wife of an ambassador, and the mistress of naval hero Horatio Nelson. But Emma Hamilton had been born to the poverty of a coal-mining town and spent her teenage years working as a prostitute. From the brothels of London to the glittering court of Naples and the pretentious country estate of the most powerful admiral in England, British debut historian Kate Williams captures the life of Emma Hamilton with all its glamour and heartbreak. In lucid, engaging prose, Williams brings to life a complex and intelligent woman. Emma is sensuous, generous, artistic, at once shamelessly seductive and recklessly ambitious. Willing to do anything for love and fame, she sets out to make herself a star–and she succeeds beyond even her wildest dreams. By the age of twenty-six, she leaves behind the precarious life of a courtesan to become Lady Hamilton, wife of Sir William Hamilton–the aging, besotted, and probably impotent British ambassador to the court of Naples. But everything changes when Lord Nelson steams into Naples harbor fresh from his triumph at the Battle of the Nile and literally falls into Emma’s adoring arms. Their all-consuming romance–conducted amid the bloody tumult of the Napoleonic Wars–makes Emma an international celebrity, especially when she returns to England pregnant with Nelson’s baby. With a novelist’s flair and an historian’s eye for detail, Williams conjures up the world that Emma Hamilton conquered by the sheer force of her charisma. All but inventing the art of publicity, Emma turned herself into a kind of flesh-and-blood goddess–celebrated by wits and artists, adored by thousands, and, for a time, very rich. Yet Emma was willing to throw it all away for the man she adored. After four years of archival research and making use of hundreds of previously undiscovered letters and documents, Kate Williams sets the record straight on one of the most fascinating and ravishing women in history. England’s Mistress captures the relentless drive, the innovative style, and the burning passion of a true heroine. Genre: Non-Fiction/Biography Download Instructions:
  22. Inside Team Sky by David Walsh Requirements: ePUB/MOBI/AZW3 Reader, 9.6 MB Overview: After the victory of Bradley Wiggins and Team Sky in the 2012 Tour de France, the pressure was on the team to repeat their success in 2013. When Wiggins had to pull out of the defence of his yellow jersey, attention moved to Chris Froome, who had finished as runner-up the year before. Could he bring about back-to-back victories for the UK and for Team Sky? With team principal Sir Dave Brailsford at the helm, the levels of expectation were high. Nothing less than a win would do. Embedded within the team was top sportswriter David Walsh, who had been covering the sport for four decades. As the man who had done more than any other journalist to reveal the lies of Lance Armstrong, he has the reputation for exposing the dark secrets that cycling would want to keep hidden. His inside story, from how Team Sky prepared for the Tour de France through to Froome's emphatic victory, is supported by insights from all the key members of the team, and provides a definitive account of a dramatic race that gripped cycling fans around the world. Genre: Non-Fiction, Memoir Download Instructions:
  23. Alan McGee's role in shaping British culture over the past thirty years is hard to overstate. As the founder of Creation Records he brought us the music that defined an era. A charismatic Glaswegian who partied just as hard as any of the bands on his notoriously dissolute label, he became a star himself. In Creation Stories he tells his story in depth for the first time, from leaving school at sixteen to setting up the Living Room club in London, which showcased many emerging indie bands, from managing the Jesus and Mary Chain to co-founding Creation when he was only twenty-three. He then discovered dance and acid house, decamping to Manchester and hanging out at the Hacienda, and took Creation into the big time with Primal Scream's Screamadelica. His drug-induced breakdown, when it came was dramatic. But as he climbed back to sobriety, he signed Oasis, becoming one of the figureheads of Britpop. He sold the label to Sony to stave off bankruptcy and eventually left in 1999 but has continued to be in an influential figure in the music industry.
  24. Cancer on Five Dollars a Day (chemo not included): How Humor Got Me Through the Toughest Journey of My Life This is a book that is an easy weekend read, but it is so powerfully written that it stays with you for a long time. The book mirrors Schimmel's style of comedy: brutally honest, no punches pulled, sarcastic and defiant. Even as you're reading this book, you get the feeling you're on the ride with him. You don't really read this book, you absorb it. You wear it not like a coat, but more like a second skin. That skin crawls when Schimmel describes the seemingly unabated misery associated with the chemo treatments. That skin frosts over when you and Robert get the news that he's got non-Hodgkins lymphoma. And that skin gets goosebumps as you emerge from the depths of despair right along side Robert. It's a cliche, but Schimmel never does lose his sense of humor. Not only did he not lose his humor, he refused to let those around him lose theirs. That's the definition of a hero. Sure, there's probably a dash of his own self-preservation cooked in there as well, but he refused to become completely selfish even when his doctors told him that's what he had to do to survive. Even if it meant his own death, he was committed to making this experience less impactful on those he cared about -- and even some people met during treatment. As for the ending, well, I'm going to let you experience that for yourself. Nobody ruined it for me and I envy you your first time reading of it as well. I will say this of the ending: if you don't get tears in your eyes at the end of this book, hold a mirror under your nose to see if you're still breathing. Mobi
  25. Veteran comedian and radio personality Artie Lange turns an unflinching eye and his signature wit on his perilous descent into drug addiction, life-threatening depression, and ultimately, his recovery, in the follow-up to his hilariously raw debut, #1 New York Times bestseller Too Fat to Fish. At a high point in his career, Artie Lange played a sold-out show in Carnegie Hall and totally killed—yet during his standing ovation, all he could think of were the two bags of heroin in his pocket. In the midst of a deep, self-destructive depression, addicted to heroin and prescription drugs, he lashed out at everyone around him— from his fellow cast members on The Howard Stern Show, to celebrity guests, his longtime friends, and even his own family. By turns dark and disturbing, hilarious and heartbreaking, and always drop-dead honest, Crash and Burn lifts the curtain on Artie’s dangerous slide, and offers a new, crystal-clear window into the mind of the addict. For the first time, Artie reveals all: the full truth behind his now legendary Stern Show meltdown, his suicide attempt (which he relates in terrifying detail), surprising stints in rehab, and painful relapses. With the help and support of friends and family, Artie claws his way back, turning his life and career around. And despite his slipups, backslides, and permanent losses, Artie forges on. With Crash and Burn, Artie Lange goes all-in, confessing a story that is as shocking as it is funny, ever tempered by his characteristic humor, self-awareness, and inimitable way with words. This Link is DEAD Please report me /hcy6ae9dfp8v You must be signed in to 4shared to download this file