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Found 1,302 results

  1. frukit

    Sex Tape (2019-)

    First, there was Sex Box, the Channel 4 show that featured couples having sex on TV, but within the relative privacy of a box in the TV studio. Then came Naked Attraction, which sees people choose a potential date from five possible choices while they're all standing around starkers in different coloured tubes.
  2. Part 1 The Telescope In the first of 3 episodes we take a look at how the telescope was invented, from Galileo to Edwin Hubble, and how the invention reaches the universe 13 billion light-years out. Narrated by Patrick Stewart. Part 2 The Airplane Take to the sky with the dreamers whose work gave humans the ability to fly. From Leonardo da Vincis “flying machines” to the modern commercial plane, without these inventions, we may have never left the ground. Narrated by Patrick Stewart. Part 3 The Robot Learn how robots were first conceptualized in ancient Rome and see how their use has evolved over the centuries, from the calculator to the Roomba. Then, take a sneak peek at what future robots will be able to do. Narrated by Patrick Stewart.
  3. justLiz

    Size Matters (2019 - ) Part 1: The Bigger the Better Planet Earth grows to outlandish proportions that causes lying down to become the new standing up, the sun gets big ideas giving us a 20,000-year winter before blowing up in the biggest explosion since the big bang, we meet a dog the size of a dinosaur and Joe himself turns into a 49ft giant. Part 2: Small is Beautiful Planet Earth shrinks to half size causing altitude sickness and a cosmic disaster, the sun gets as small as a sun can be, turning Earth into a frozen mud ball. We also see what happens to a man who shrinks to the same size as a wasp.
  4. Corsica is a pioneer in the protection of natural areas, terrestrial and underwater. A vital nature capital: without it, neither tourism nor quality of life. The balance is sometimes difficult to reach, even contradictory on the ground. But younger generations are totally involved in this fight.
  5. Explores how a burial pit containing 54 beheaded skeletons discovered in the south of England, uncovers the secrets and sickening brutality of these Scandinavian warriors. A shocking discovery is made when road builders cut through the chalk while digging foundations for a new highway. In a shallow grave a tangled mass of headless corpses, and to one side a pile of severed heads are excavated. Who are these victims? Why were they killed?
  6. Since the very beginning of human existence, weapons have been produced and used to kill. How did the technology of weapons advance? Part 1: Ranged Weapons Ranged weapons are a warrior’s best chance of survival. International experts demonstrate in the most important ranged weapons in history. The clever design of the Roman spear. The longbow helps England become one of the most feared superpowers of the medieval age. These advances change history. Part 2: Attack from Above Warfare enters a new dimension with the attack from above. Demonstrations reveal the secret of weapons that became keys to moving war up into the air. Long before airplanes, smart medieval commanders designed rockets to attack their enemies. Now, advances in A.I. and drone technology shape battle. Part 3: Close Combat Melee is probably the original type of combat. Throughout history, armies developed ever more effective close combat weapons. In surprising experiments, weapons experts test the physical and psychological impact of the three most important melee developments of our time. Part 4: Weapons for All Weapons designed for everyone are a decisive advantage at war. International experts test the three most important weapons that can be learned very quickly. The crossbow transforms peasants into warriors that suddenly become a threat to the knight. Part 5: Faster than the Enemy Throughout history, speed becomes a decisive feature of warfare. In spectacular experiments, a team of international experts presents the most significant weapons of history where speed made a difference. The chariot brings mobility to the battles of the ancient world. Part 6: The Power of Destruction New weapons with devastating force shape the wars of the 20th century. International experts test the catastrophic effects of the most destructive weapons. Machine guns kill entire units within seconds. The hand grenade has such enormous power and can easily be carried in a backpack. Part 7: War at Sea Weapons expert Stephen Bull tests the most significant three weapons of the sea. The Byzantines guarded the Greek fire as the secret super weapon that kept Constantinople save over 800 years. Experts build an original replica to demonstrate the thunderous force of a ship cannon. Part 8: The Ambush Attacking the enemy in an ambush is a devastating advantage at war. Weapons that stayed undetected until their very strike revolutionized warfare. The caltrop brought down the cavalry when it made entire battlefields impassible Part 9: Deadly Inventions Wars become even bloodier as new technologies keep evolving. A team of experts tests the deadliest weapons upgrades in the history of warfare. Designed to penetrate solid armor, the Scorpio makes use of the power of torsion. With the long sword, Europe knights slaughter their opponents. Part 10: Civilians on the Battlefield Mostly, civilians are the ones suffering from waging a war. Experts track down three weapons that were used to recklessly attack civilian populations. With no regard for civilian casualties, the trebuchet hurls heavy stones against solid castle walls.
  7. Earth from Space S01E01
  8. Carriers of myths and legends, castles strongly mark our imaginations, appearing most often as the pivot of a dark and barbaric period. Reality is different. They are full of mystery and grandeur, emblematic abstractions of the Middle Ages, they testify to medieval civilization.
  9. The gripping untold story of the Brexit negotiations… from the other side. For two years, Belgian film-maker, Lode Desmet, has had exclusive access to the Brexit co ordinator of the European parliament, Guy Verhofstadt, and his close knit team. This revelatory fly-on-the-wall film captures the off-the-record conversations and arguments of the European negotiators as they devise their strategy for dealing with the British. Part 1 watches as the Europeans’ respect for a formidable negotiating opponent turns into frustration and incredulity as the British fail to present a united front. At moments funny and tragic, it ends with the debacle in December 2017 when Theresa May flies in to Brussels to finalise details of a deal and is publically humiliated by her coalition partner, Arlene Foster of the DUP, who refuses to support the deal. Part 2 follows the rollercoaster events from December 2017 to the present day. Europe watches on incredulously as divisions in the British parliament and cabinet become more bitter and leave the talks paralysed. Eighteen months after the referendum, Britain still does not know what it wants and spends more time discussing internally than negotiating with Europe. Respect for Britain turns to irritation and finally ridicule.
  10. The Pacific War was unlike any military conflict before it in terms of its scale, scope, and savagery. Witness the massive attacks on Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima and Nagasaki that bookended the war, along with the ferocious battles in between–ones waged on tiny islands and remote atolls and fought by soldiers, Marines, airmen and sailors. With color combat footage and accounts from those who experienced the fight firsthand, we reveal the brutal reality of life on the frontline during the battle for the Pacific. 1. An Ocean Apart The Pacific Ocean is also known as “The Peaceful Sea,” and color footage of some of its remote American outposts taken in the late-1930s captures a world of fun and sun. But a wave of war will soon replace these serene scenes with images of cataclysmic horror. Through rarely seen color home movies and combat footage, we detail Japan’s violent blitz of the Pacific–from its raid on China to its attacks on Pearl Harbor and Australia–and show how America’s military raced to ready itself for battle.
  11. In Madagascar, reporter Datshiane Navanayagam and director Leslie Knott gain rare access to some of the hundreds of 'forgotten' children held in the country's jails. The team investigate the extraordinary stories of the children accused of petty crimes who can be locked up in an adult prison for up to three years - sometimes without their parents ever being told where they are - before their cases are heard in court.
  12. Despite being one of the most studied civilizations, rich in history, culture, science and art, much of Ancient Egypt remains a great mystery. Many modern-day customs and technologies have their roots in Ancient Egypt, yet the details about their way of life remain a mystery. In a new Science Channel series, Egypts Unexplained Files, experts dive deep into the secrets of Ancient Egypt, and use cutting-edge archaeological technology to reveal the hidden truths that could potentially answer questions that have befuddled Egyptologists for generations. Part 1: Mystery of the Cannibal Crypt Mysterious tomb carvings provide dark evidence that ancient Egyptians practiced cannibalism, but we don’t know why. New discoveries might finally answer this ancient mystery, and experts use modern-day tech to reveal more of Egypt’s darkest secrets. Part 2: Curse of the Crocodile Queen The Crocodile Queen was Egypt’s first female pharaoh, but we don’t who she was and why she took this sinister alter-ego. New discoveries might finally answer this ancient mystery, and experts use modern-day tech to reveal more of Egypt’s darkest secrets. Part 3: Tut’s Curse: The New Evidence New discoveries reveal if there is indeed a curse at King Tut’s tomb, which is said to have killed nine people; the latest science might finally answer this ancient mystery; experts use modern-day tech to investigate more of Egypt’s darkest secrets.
  13. Documentary portrait of pioneering filmmaker and mother Merata Mita, detailing how her filmmaking intersected with the lives of her children and indigenous filmmakers globally, and featuring rare archival footage dating back to 1977.
  14. Mothers, fathers, siblings and survivors share their thoughts on the 20th anniversary of the deadline massacre. Read the story: The Denver Post.
  15. An unflinching look into the lives of two undiagnosed special needs kids and their parents as they grow older with no answers in sight.
  16. Off the iconic Kaikoura Peninsula, huge pods of dusky dolphins spend their nights feeding out in an underwater canyon, and in the morning they rest and play closer to shore. The majestic landscape of Fiordland is home to the bottlenose dolphins who have adapted to the extreme cold by growing bigger.
  17. justLiz

    Last Breath (2019) A deep sea diver is stranded on the seabed with 5 minutes of oxygen and no hope of rescue. With access to amazing archive this is the story of one man's impossible fight for survival.
  18. This is the story of how superheroes from Tim Burton's prototype blockbuster Batman, Blade, X-Men, Spiderman to Iron Man and the Black Panther brought to life from the pages of comic books, first took over Hollywood and then conquered the world through action films with larger-than-life characters.
  19. This documentary follows the 2016 Minnesota House of Representatives campaign of Ilhan Omar, a Somalian immigrant who attempts to unseat a 43-year incumbent and other challengers.
  20. justLiz

    Incarcerating US (2016) Incarcerating US exposes the US prison problem and explores ways to unshackle the Land of the Free.
  21. justLiz

    Apollo 11 (2019) A look at the Apollo 11 mission to land on the moon led by commander Neil Armstrong and pilots Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins.
  23. Steve Backshall explores some of the world’s most dangerous environments, beginning with a journey to the Arctic, kayaking across the world’s largest fjord. In part 2 Steve sets out to become the first person to reach the summit of a mountain in Greenland’s Arctic wilderness, an expedition threatened by the impact of climate change. Part 1 Part 2
  24. Surviving R. Kelly 6h | Documentary, Music | TV Mini-Series (2019– ) Series examining the controversies surrounding R&B singer R. Kelly.
  25. A look at the people involved with various political campaigns during the 2018 U.S. congressional election.