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Found 41 results

  1. Longing for a simpler time ....
  2. prewar41

    Woman in Witness Protection (1997) English subtitles if possible
  3. prewar41

    Shizukana seikatsu (1995) English subs if possible
  4. prewar41

    The Last Dance English subtitles if possible
  5. prewar41

    Minb no Onna English subtitles if possible.
  6. prewar41

    Tales of a golden geisha English subtitles if possible
  7. prewar41

    A taxing woman returns With english subtitles if possible
  8. prewar41

    A taxing woman With English subtitles if possible
  9. prewar41

    the funeral with english subtitles if possible
  10. In spite of the names of the files in the following Italian show indicating that that English subtitles are available, the titles have not been included (nor hard coded). Any assistance in finding the subtitles will be highly appreciate!
  11. justLiz

    Flash Friend Request (2016) When a college student unfriends a mysterious girl online, she finds herself fighting a demonic presence that wants to make her lonely by killing her closest friends.
  12. prewar41

    [Filled] Versailles s03e07 & S03e08 episodes not posted, would appreciate. Excellent series.
  13. prewar41

    The Peripheral

    Books don't have imdb references. Here's the amazon listing. Prefer kindle friendly if possible, but can transfer.
  14. prewar41

    [Filled] Fleabag(2016)
  15. prewar41

    Davis, Lindsey: The Third Nero

    Lindsey Davis, The Third Nero
  16. ePub is great, any format will do fine. Wounds of Honor; Empire I Arrows of Fury; Empire II Fortress of Spears; Empire III The Leopard Sword; Empire IV The Wolf's Gold; Empire V The Eagle's Vengeance; Empire VI The Emperor's Knives; Empire VII Thunder of the Gods; Empire VIII The Altar of Blood; Empire IX
  17. prewar41

    Penny, Louise: A Great Reckoning

    Penny, Louise: A great Reckoning (2017) ePub if available, but any efile will do.
  18. prewar41

    Lamott, Anne

    Grace Eventually PW41
  19. prewar41

    Leckie, Ann: Ancillary justice Prefer kindle file, but any e-file will do.
  20. Or anything else by George Sauders. He's my new favorite author.
  21. prewar41

    Robert B Parker (mobi)

    Any/All of his Spenser, Jesse Stone, or Sonny Randall series, of any by his avatar spenser writer Ace Atkins, or the Virgil Cole/everett Hitch avatar Robert Knott and, to a lesser degree the limping Jesse Stone sock puppet Reed Farrell Coleman. Prefer .mobi files, but can convert Prewar41
  22. maggieg

    My Dad wrote a porno

    Anyone got this in any format? Thanks
  23. NOBODY'S PERFECT is a documentary which shows Niko von Glasow's search for eleven people who, like him, were born disabled due to the side effects of the drug thalidomide. These eleven people are also prepared to be photographed for a calendar, and photographed naked, allowing people who would otherwise glance furtively at thalidomiders to take a good, long look. In the process Niko discovers a range of fascinating characters who have learned to lead an impressively "normal" life, which incorporates their disability. With black humour, and paying no heed to political correctness, NOBODY'S PERFECT gives a portrait of twelve extraordinary personalities who react with curiosity, enthusiasm or horror (like Niko himself) to the project.
  24. JazzyJeff

    Where to upload to

    Since movreel has died I'm looking for Somewhere the videos can be downloaded from and not just streamed. Somewhere that doesn't delete uploads for lack of views Somewhere that allows folders/directories so that a link to the folder is a link to the series. TIA JJ
  25. aka Gabo, la magia de lo real TIA JJ