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Found 650 results

  1. neighborhoodie

    Mothering (2018) Lucy Bridger Mothering tells the story of a young girl, Mia, arriving at her new foster home. When her first period unexpectedly appears in the early hours, help comes in the form of her foster parent's elderly mother, Pauline.
  2. Two girls attempt a hazardous journey under the cover of darkness.
  3. When a desperate Grace (Deborah Puette) walks into the Queen of Persia Gold Emporium, all she wants is to get in and out with some badly needed cash and a shred of her dignity intact. Things do not look promising when she comes up against Ehsan ('Homeland's Navid Negahban), a man with troubles of his own who reluctantly works the store's counter under his father's controlling gaze. A short film about hope told in English and Farsi, 'Cash for Gold' delicately examines the economic and ethnic tensions America grapples with today through the lens of two unlikely allies and the split-second decision that will turn their brief encounter into something neither of them will ever forget.
  4. neighborhoodie

    Day One (2019) Mahmut Akay A man tries to do his laundry, but comes across an unexpected obstacle.
  5. "Weltschmerz" is an emotionally-charged, character-driven short drama about a concentration camp prisoner who has just failed in an escape attempt and is now in the hands of a seasoned SS Officer, who will make an example out of her before her execution in front of the entire camp. Meanwhile, at a German creek, two children live in their own world of innocence, far from the unthinkable horrors of the Holocaust.
  6. A cat sitter's curiosity gets the better of him when a series of keys lead him to discover a well kept secret.
  7. Andy Pitt, an average Australian youth, slowly learns the tragic circumstances surrounding a fatal brawl that he was involved in.
  8. As Maggie struggles with her mother's death a surprise visitor helps her find joy again.
  9. Alien came out 40 years ago this month, not that its age shows in the least. The terror of the ever-diminishing crew of the Nostromo trapped on their ship with the merciless extraterrestrial monster of the title remains as visceral as it was in 1979, and the dank, pre-digital confines of its setting have taken on a retro patina that successive generations of filmmakers struggle to recreate for themselves. Now, in a series of brand new short films set in the Alien universe, you can see how six young filmmakers pay tribute to Ridley Scott's original film and its cinematic legacy, each in their own way. These shorts come as the fruits of an initiative launched by 20th Century Fox to mark 40 years of Alien.
  10. David Lynch, director of the recently crowned Weirdest Movie of All Time, plays a storytelling wolf-man in Flying Lotus’ new music video. The special effects may seem familiar; this short was co-directed by David Firth.
  11. A jaded music teacher turns the tables on a soul-sucking student.
  12. neighborhoodie

    Dognap (2016) Aiman Samat A special dog has been dognapped, and it is up to a rescue agent to save it. Behind the scenes look-see:
  13. neighborhoodie

    Tin & Tina (2013) Rubin Stein Tin and Tina are not eating the purée tonight.
  14. A down on his luck criminal embarks on a journey of self exploration through a vast, haunting and desolate area of Northern Denmark. On this road trip he encounters his past, his present and his future. Suddenly, far out in the horizon, he notices the breathtaking vision of a rainbow. It starts burning into him and becomes his compass. But to what end: a new beginning or an ultimate destruction?
  15. One determined ranger's critical mission and the fate of an entire world's at stake.
  16. An artist is interviewed about her photos.
  17. neighborhoodie

    Lily (2016) Sylvain Pelissier Myriam, an auxiliary of social life, has been on mission for some days, Mr. Bariani, a seventy-year-old widowed and touched by a heavy handicap. Taking advantage of the weakness of the old man, Myriam adopts a detestable behavior by abusing her.
  18. "Sorry About Your Wife" is a short dark comedy about a man learning of his wife's infidelity, at some swanky Hollywood pool party.
  19. When a young woman is eerily confronted by a DHS agent who accuses her boyfriend of running an illegal cyber marketplace, she's forced to make a life changing decision.
  20. Wyrm has two days to get his first kiss or he’ll be held back as part of the school district’s No Child Left Alone program, forced to wear his My.E.Q. Remote Monitoring collar through high school.
  21. A neighboring pair of tag team wrestlers learn the downsides of life without a landlord.
  22. neighborhoodie

    Tamarack (2019) Justin Bull

    In her later years, a woman reconstructs a disturbing childhood vacation, filled with unsettling rituals rooted in family history. Tamarack is an allegory for parental dread, environmental disaster, and the weight of legacy.
  23. neighborhoodie

    Hajji (2017) R.H. Norman A fateful encounter between two U.S. Marines and an Afghan teenager fuels a wartime cycle of violence in this inspired-by-true-events short.
  24. neighborhoodie

    Work (2017) Aneil Karia A teenager's perspective of the world around her begins to shift as she is confronted with its capacity for injustice.
  25. neighborhoodie

    Beat (2013) Aneil Karia A film about a man walking a paper-thin line between hopelessness and euphoria, testing and pushing the boundaries of conventions and impulse.