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Found 703 results

  1. 'Naysayer' follows a young father cut off from his son who takes matters into his own hands.
  2. An Iranian refugee couple living in the North of Norway invite in two Jehovah's Witnesses when they knock on their door.
  3. A young woman is trapped in her apartment by her childhood imaginary friend, who has come back to haunt her.
  4. When fitness fanatic Julia returns home with a bunch of bananas, she accidentally unleashes an eight-legged nightmare into her home, capable of paralyzing her... and much, much worse.
  5. When a family encounters two radically unusual puddles on a woodland retreat, unspoken tensions finally surface.
  6. Parker Davis is a writer director and maker of weird, no budget, short films. His latest is no exception . . . so fill in the 'tag' category for yourself.
  7. The Masseuse is a science fiction love story set in a futuristic Kuala Lumpur between a humanoid masseuse and her technician who has a disturbing past.
  8. neighborhoodie

    Birdie (2018) Shelly Lauman A woman walks alone to the train station. As she descends the stairs to the underground platform she smiles at a young man, he smiles back. With the smallest of gestures, the woman becomes caught in a subtle and sinister game.
  9. According to a public announcement, there is a concealed treasure in the village which is promised to make the finder prosperous after return.
  10. A young woman reeling from a breakup shares a connection with a car wash employee who rides along with her through an express car wash. Entranced by the bubbles and flashing lights, they begin to fall for each other, but as the wash ends, things take a dark turn. He reveals he is not who he says he is, and her violent reaction proves he may have finally met his match.
  11. neighborhoodie

    Wild (2018) Morgana McKenzie A young girl befriends a supernatural entity living in her Uncle's cornfield.
  12. Two people fall violently in love on the sidewalk.
  13. A toubled kid forced into boring work experience on his Uncle's road crew discovers it is actually hiding an amazing secret.
  14. neighborhoodie

    Skin (2018) Guy Nattiv 2019 Academy Award Winner Best Live Action Short A small supermarket in a blue collar town, a black man smiles at a 10 year old white boy across the checkout aisle. This innocuous moment sends two gangs into a ruthless war that ends with a shocking backlash. YouTube maybe geo-restricted, but the Facebook version is not.
  15. A child's creepy behavior makes a young mother fear for her life.
  16. neighborhoodie

    After Her (2018) Aly Migliori One night, a teenager girl, trapped in the low expectations of a small town, disappears without a trace. Years later, her friend returns to their childhood home and finds himself being beckoned back into those woods -the last place Hailey was seen alive.
  17. It's election night 2032, and Abe, a lonely janitor watches his clone become the first clone President. All of his clones are successful while he has the stigma of being an original. Society seems divided on this recent social issue, and Abe can't help but feel cheated. He ventures out amid the election aftermath in search of some type of justice, but doesn't realize that he might not be the only person mad at a clone president. Through the journey Abe discovers what he might have been if he had followed a different path.
  18. neighborhoodie

    Ovum (2018) Cidney Hue In the near future, a woman must make a life changing decision after a mind bending procedure.
  19. Memories can either fuel our existence or eat away at us like a disease. In the not-too-distant future, Dr. Theodore Maine is on the cusp of losing his job at Janus Labs where he is developing research for Alzheimers treatment. That is, until a mysterious visitor named Obee changes his life forever.
  20. A woman confronts a painful time in her life after discovering the truth about a mysterious old man living across from her.
  21. MIDNIGHT DELIVERY begins when a mysterious gift is delivered to an unsuspecting woman's door at the stroke of midnight. Before bed, the woman's morbid fascination entices her to examine the gift, unleashing a sinister evil from within.
  22. A young man arrives at his sister's baby naming ceremony to steal the money collected from family/friends in order to run away and keep a personal secret hidden.
  23. neighborhoodie

    Safe (2018) Tim Earnheart Three masked intruders break into a Woman's home to retrieve an item from her safe. But what they get is much more than they bargained for.
  24. When a destructive force comes between two sisters, it threatens their relationship and their lives.
  25. Defeated by his introversion, Sergio decides to generate his own fantasy with Laura, through a plan that combines imagination, libido, and technology.