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Simon Scarrow collection (Roman legion, action)

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Simon Scarrow is a UK-based author, born in Nigeria and now based in Norfolk. He completed a master's degree at the University of East Anglia[1] after working at the Inland Revenue, and then went into teaching as a lecturer, firstly at East Norfolk Sixth Form College, then at City College Norwich.


He is best known for his Eagle Series of Roman Military fiction set in the territories of the Roman Empire, covering the second invasion of Britain and the subsequent prolonged campaign undertaken by the rump of the Julio-Claudian dynasty. To date there are twelve books in the series, with the 12th released in October 2013, The Blood Crows[2]


He has also written another series, Revolution, focusing on Wellington and Napoleon, whose first title, Young Bloods, was published in 2006. The second volume, The Generals, was released on 31 May 2007 and the third volume Fire and Sword was released in January 2009. The fourth and final novel of the series was released in Jun 2010 and is called The Fields of Death. He started to publish a new series in 2011 titled Gladiator.



Simon Scarrow - Cato 01 - Under the

Simon Scarrow - Cato 02 - The Eagles

Simon Scarrow - Cato 03 - When the Eagle

Simon Scarrow - Cato 04 - The Eagle & the

Simon Scarrow - Cato 05 - The Eagles

Simon Scarrow - Cato 06 - The Eagles

Simon Scarrow - Cato 07 - The Eagle in the

Simon Scarrow - Cato 08 -

Simon Scarrow - Cato 09 - The Gladiator.epub

Simon Scarrow - Cato 09 - The

Simon Scarrow - Cato 10 - The

Simon Scarrow - Cato 11 - Praetorian (v5.0).epub

Simon Scarrow - Cato 12 - The Blood Crows.epub

Simon Scarrow - Gladiator 01 - Fight for Freedom.epub

Simon Scarrow - Gladiator 02 - Street Fighter.epub

Simon Scarrow - Gladiator 03 - Son of Spartacus.epub

Simon Scarrow - Revolution 01 - Young Bloods (v5.0).mobi

Simon Scarrow - Revolution 02 - The Generals (v5.0).mobi

Simon Scarrow - Revolution 03 - Fire &

Simon Scarrow - Revolution 04 - The Fields of

Simon Scarrow - Roman 12 - The Blood Crows.epub

Simon Scarrow - Roman Arena 01 - Barbarian.epub

Simon Scarrow - Sword & Scimitar.epub






Kudos to the original uploader! :-)


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