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Cool Fire IV Plus

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My first forage into not only sub-ohm vaping but just getting a decent hit out of something other than a vape pen. Used to be Kanger Evods, now this is something else!


The battery lasts well through the day - into the next one. I'm using the iSub G tank (which it came with). Plenty of storage and minimum leak crap. Luckily, there seems to be some decent juice vendors out there right now. Getting 3 x 30ml bottles of great vapes from Vapegoo for a tenner shipped.


Love the Innokin Cool Fire. I wanted a step up from basic vaping and got into this. So glad I did. It's heavier and bulkier than what I've been used to. Instead of a vape pen in your top pocket, it'll sag your trousers down a little due to the battery weight. But wow it does last long time. Time to upgrade people.


I think I'm well behind but if anyone wants any advice or just my take on how it's gone from stepping up from Kanger Evod vape pens to a first Mod then hit me up and I'm all ears.

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