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DF Staff

DailyFlix Community Standard

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DF Staff

DailyFlix Community Standard

~re-post of the original from 2013

DailyFlix provides a place for members to connect and share. Our posters - through sharing a link, a comment, or their knowledge - have built a great forum. We are a diverse community that welcomes participation at all levels. To balance the needs and interests of all of our members, we ask that your posts and behavior meet the community standards outlined below.

DailyFlix does not tolerate:

Abuse of other members - racism / sexism / harassment.

Bullying - name-calling / attacks / or threats of any kind.

Spamming, drunk or high-as-a-kite posting, and serious vulgarity have no place here.

Ranting, trolling, repeated thread hijacking & general lunacy - DF is not the place for you to act out your rage.

Advertising of third party sites.


Failure to abide by these rules anywhere on the site could result in loss of membership privileges. For further help, guidance or any DailyFlix related questions, please PM one of our moderators.  Just be sure to select someone that is recently active to get a response in a reasonable time.

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