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DF Staff

Welcome To DailyFlix

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DF Staff

Welcome to DailyFlix,

~a repost from the 2011 original

DailyFlix does NOT allow the following:

  • Racism/sexism or threats to hurt/attack/abuse another member through forum post or by pm's - This is taken very seriously and will not be tolerated.
  • Impersonating another member or a member of dailyflix staff,
  • Spamming, site promotion or pr0n.


In addition to the above, violating the below guidelines can lead to punitive measures or a loss of privileges:

  • Ignoring staff communications, private messages or posts.
  • Over the top swearing and/or vulgarity.
  • Drunk or High-as-a-kite posting (it's gibberish spam and the community doesn't appreciate it).
  • Ranting, flaming, trolling, repeated thread hijacking - this is not the place to act out rage from other parts of our lives.
  • All of these rules also apply to the chat box.


Sometimes the registration validation e-mail can be a little tricky.  Be sure to check the spam or junk folder.  Otherwise, post here in our external chatbox with the member ID & we'll take a look.

Posting On DailyFlix explains how to post in greater detail.  Additionally, here is another description of DailyFlix operation & participation.  Before posting, take a look at how others are doing it to get a sense of how to proceed.  Also, read the "posting requirements" topic.  They will differ in each area.  There are also various pinned topics throughout the forum.  Review those too as they can be most informative. 

If there is a question or problem, make a post in the Help Forum where someone can respond or provide some direction. 


For dead links or something else that's wrong with a post, please do not post the problem, report it.  This will guarantee that staff will see the report.  A post might not be seen or could be missed.

Please remember to keep all controversial topics to the appropriate place - Usually the Underground.

Please do NOT give any personal information out over this website ie: home address, telephone number, school you attend, personal email...etc.

We do not delete accounts. If you no longer wish to be a member just log out and never log back in.

In closing we'd like to remind everyone to not let a personal issue with a fellow member strain the rest of the community. Please keep issues with each other to pm's and refrain from involving others as it only creates more drama and frankly it's just bad form. If you feel things are to a point with a fellow member that you need help, please contact a Global Moderator or Administrator, we are here to help the DailyFlix Community.

For any other issues or questions regarding your account please contact the Administrators of DailyFlix.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.