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DF Staff

Stand Up Comedy Request Posting Requirements

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DF Staff

When posting a Stand Up Comedy request, please follow these basic guidelines.


  • One request per thread.  It's easier for us to keep track of that way.
  • Please do not request something that has not yet been released. Check here for info. Check here for ETA.
  • Include the correct IMDb link. If there is no IMDb, please provide a brief description/synopsis.
  • When requesting additional links or specific format links, please include a link to the existing thread in your request.
  • Use the search function to check prior to posting.  It might be listed.
  • NO protected or shortened links ( or or  We prefer to see the original filehost.
  • When answering a request please post the link to the topic thread only.  Then post "that" link in the request.  Otherwise links posted in the request won't be seen as widely.


For those who are new to the forum, and as a reminder: The DailyFlix Community Standard.

Helping out?
Anyone wanting to help out answering requests is more than welcome - we appreciate the assistance.
Please post any streaming links you find in the links topic, then link to "that" post in the request. 
DO NOT post video links in the request area.

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