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Little boy finds electric shaver, decides he and his siblings need buzzcuts

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A Texas boy has tried his hand at hairdressing after finding an electric shaver at home, resulting in botched buzzcuts for not just himself, but his two siblings.

Mum Stephanie shared the aftermath on Instagram, capturing little Teddy's handiwork: a patchy close shave for him, and a huge bald patch behind his sister's blonde pigtails.

"Do you like your haircut?" the mum—delivering a masterclass in 'completely freaking out but somehow holding it together'—asks little Eloise.

"No," is the somewhat despondent answer.

When Stephanie prompts her daughter to explain why she let her brother buzz her hair, Teddy interjects: "She said she wanted me to do that a lot."

Rather than getting mad, the nurse seizes the opportunity for a 'teaching moment', telling her children, "It's just hair, and it's going to grow back. It's okay."

Stephanie even manages to keep calm when Teddy admits he also took the shaver to his little brother Fred's head, replying, "Honesty. That's good."

While little Teddy seems rather pleased with his hairdressing skills, Eloise is clearly daunted by her extreme new haircut, despite Mum telling her they'll "make it work".

"Mama, can you put more hair on my head?" she says, before asking if she now looks like a boy.

Attempting to brush her daughter's remaining hair over her bald patch (and discarding of a chunk that falls out in the process), Stephanie reassures her she is still beautiful.

As for the boys, subsequent videos revealed Teddy and Fred's patchy buzzcuts have since been fixed, with the two of them now rocking matching close shaves.

"How's my hair look?" Teddy asks his mother, before clarifying, "I mean, how's my no-hair look?"

You've gotta give him points for comedic timing.

Stephanie's hilarious Instagram videos were also shared on Twitter by a family member, who wrote, "Y’all, my nephew found the electric shaver and went wild."

The post has since been retweeted more than 150,000 times and is generating plenty of amusement among viewers—not to mention praise for Stephanie's response.

She was so calm and so understanding. Didn't raise her voice or anything, wow. That's some great parenting right there!" one wrote.

"The way she handled it, the way she spoke to her children and still reassured them that they were beautiful... Mum of the year award goes to her," another said.

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