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Kamry K-101

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Just got my first Mechanical Mod today. Its a Kamry K-101'




Broken down and everything i got for 50 bucks :)




It came with a 18350 and 18650 battery.


Everything i throw on there hits smoothly. But the real reason i purchased it is because i have a rebuildable tank :)


I rebuilt the coils on the tank and non of my batteries would fire it. once i through it on here. OH MY GOD!!!!!


Flavor and puff for days!!!!


I was very happy and still am with my VaporZeus from Vapor4Life.




But my cheap $5 dollar RDA blows it away for miles :)







7 wraps on the coil with a piece of wire i grabbed from work and cotton wick from a 99 cent store purchase. man does this thing bring vaping to a whole new level.





FYI: I drilled a hole on the side of the tank, it was too airy so i covered it with candle wax and ran a needle thru it. PERFECT! :)

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im going to one of those kind soon enough... i want to blow some clouds...


you need the new sony batteries... from what i have seen people cant get enough of them for vaping...


the mod i want is sub ohm and $79 with wire and wick. ohm meter and one of the sony batteries and charger... but i will get the upgrade package of a second battery and better charger...


im ready to step up to the big builds

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