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Mark Brandon "Chopper" Read - Chopper Unchopped

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All eleven volumes of Chopper's original memoirs ... unchopped

Mark Brandon "Chopper" Read is Australia's most famous standover man and one of its most prolific authors.

Now, for the very first time, all eleven volumes of Chopper's memoirs are together in this special collector's edition. From his criminal youth to his time in prison to his life as a reformed man, the entire journey is here.

This omnibus edition contains the following complete and unabridged books:

From the Inside: Chopper 1
Hits and Memories: Chopper 2
How to Shoot Friends and Influence People: Chopper 3
For the Term of His Unnatural Life: Chopper 4
Pulp Faction: Chopper 5
No Tears for a Tough Guy: Chopper 6
The Singing Defective: Chopper 7
The Sicilian Defence: Chopper 8
The Final Cut: Chopper 9
The Popcorn Gangster: Chopper 10.5
Last Man Standing: Chopper 11

Chopper is an icon in popular Australian culture and in the criminal underworld. Find out why in Chopper's own words.
Chopper died October 9 2013
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Both links are dead. Any chance of a reup?


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